Get visibility into any decentralized component at any scale out of the box.
Overview of Blocktorch, the  multi-chain web3 observability platform for smart contract developer to access metrics, traces and logs in any smart contract. Get relevant insights in no time. Observe web3 components. Analyze Smart Contract behaviour. Setup advanced alerting using metric-based SLOs.

Observe relevant decentralized layers

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Peace of mind at any scale

Understand decentralized application behaviour no matter the complexity. Be the first to know about anomalies at any scale


Take data driven decisions

Have the big picture at hand starting from decentralized application architecture and dig into details by looking into events, transactions and logs.

Product image of overview of Blocktorch web3 observability data

Find relevant insights faster

Leverage advanced search features to find root causes, understand anomalies and track decentralized application behaviour.

Product image of web3 observability metrics of Blocktorch
Advanced alerting

Be the first to know about issues

Set metric based Service Level Objectives (SLOs) to have the right alerts, delivered to the right person at the right time.

Product example image of Blocktorch alert panel for smart contract developer
Blocktorch design background blur, enlightening on-chain data